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It's really important to use a residue free shampoo when you have dreadlocks because dreadlocks hold more stuff than straight hair does. So if you use a shampoo that leaves stuff in your dreadlocks they will hold on it and it will just build up in your dreads. And it can ruin dreadlocks.

I used Dreadhead products when I made my dreadlocks. I started with the dread kit and made my dreadlocks and they looked like dreads right after I did them, you can see my picture on the front page of this site. It took like 5 hours to put them in but it was really worth it because now my dreads look so cool. I've had my dreadlocks for like 5 years now and now I just use the dread shampoo and the Lock Peppa. Dreadhead is so cool, they sent me a free sample the Lock Peppa when it came out because were friends. And it's the best dreadlocks product ever and I'm not just saying it cause they hooked me up. It locks up loose hairs the first time you twist them, I use to just let loose hairs go because they were such a pain to deal with but now I use the Lock Peppa and pull them through with the dread tool and I've gotten so many more compliments. At dread head they hook you up for referring people to their site so if you found my site helpful, and you place an order please use my code *dreadlocks.us* (the letters in between the **) and they will give you a dollar off your order and they will give me a dread point. And I really appreciate it.


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